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ANGL NYC is a full-service residential design firm, which specializes on residential projects. Our objective is to begin each project with a comprehensive vision to execute designing spaces that are authentic to the clients living in them. Our So-Cal meets Brooklyn aesthetic creates an eclectic design that turns a house into a home.  The Ladies at ANGL are available to assist no matter how big or small the project is.  We work from beginning to end, covering all aspects of a project including consulting with contractors, craftsman and architects.  We provide unique design concepts and a design approach with a fresh outlook.  We work hard from project conception to completion to transform your space through furniture, art, accessories, textiles and anything in between so you don't have to. 

how it works:

Please follow the link below to fill out your project information questionnaire. Once we look it over, we will reach out to set up a consultation to discuss your ideal home further.




(Your) Hands-on Experience is an easy way for you to decorate your space with some help from the Ladies at ANGL.  Our design skills are available to you without employing ANGL NYC for full-service interior design. Each hands-on experience is tailored to fit your style, space, and budget.

how it works:

You e-mail us pictures (stand in each corner of the room and shoot across), measurements of the room/s to be decorated and fill out the design questionnaire. Once we figure out the budget and design direction, we create a design plan which includes the following:

Room/s concept board: Visualizing is half the battle. Our room/s concept boards allow you to see all the elements (including some of your existing pieces) come together.

Space planning: Includes a detailed furniture layout plan, which references directly to the room/s concept board. Now you'll know what really fits!

Shopping list: Detailed and organized shopping list will guide you through your room/s concept board.  Links are available to recommended items.

The results are in your hands with a little guidance from The Ladies!

what we do :

After creating your room concept boards, space plan, and shopping list outlining what to buy and where, you'll have the tools to create a space you love! This package includes retail only items.